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You’ve met someone online who you think might be an interesting person to get to know better. What do you do? How do you break the ice? Impressing your online crush can be tricky, especially if you’re shy or socially awkward, but there are plenty of great ways to make a good first impression so that this individual will be interested in getting to know you better, too.( 5 Ways to Impress Your Online Crush)

1) Start a Meaningful Conversation
The first step in getting someone’s attention is to start a conversation. If you don’t take that initial risk, there won’t be anything else. So find something interesting about their profile and ask them about it. It could be an inside joke or a hobby they mentioned or even just asking how their day has been so far. And if they respond, great!

2) Show Off Your Interesting Personality
Meeting people online is a lot like meeting them in real life, except you’re both already comfortable enough with each other to bare your personalities. Make it a point to showcase what makes you unique and interesting. If you have a hobby or interest that you really enjoy, share it! You might find someone who shares that same passion. And if not, at least they’ll know something about you that isn’t listed on your profile.

3) Express Yourself
Your crush will be more impressed if you express yourself in a self-confident manner rather than overcompensating. Let your sense of humor shine through, but don’t feel pressured to joke around. Be yourself and let them see who you really are!(5 Ways to Impress Your Online Crush)

4) Keep It Sexy
When you’re having an online conversation with someone you like, focus on getting to know them on a deeper level rather than just flirting. Someone who is interested in you will likely be more impressed by your knowledge and personality than your looks. It’s okay to flirt a little bit when you first meet someone, but don’t let it dominate your communication.

5) Always Leave Them Wanting More
When communicating online, use humor, but never force it. Some people are just naturally funny. If you’re not one of them, don’t try too hard. The best way to impress your crush is by being yourself and letting your personality shine through in a genuine way. Once they know who you really are, they’ll fall for you without even trying.

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